Professional Photography Prep

November 27, 2018 | By Three Stones Residential at Keller Williams

How to Prep Your Home for Professional Photography

The photography of your home will be vital in marketing your home online and in print material. Please follow the steps below to ensure your home will be as ready as possible when the professional photographer arrives.

Exterior Shots

  • Remove cars from driveway and in front of the home. Close Garage Doors.
  • Remove trash cans, hoses, or any other objects that may appear in the picture.
  • Have yard cut and garden landscaped as best as possible. Ask your TSR Agent or Listing Manager to schedule if needed. Biweekly/Weekly services offered if vacant property.
  • Have windows cleaned
  • When it applies, have patio furniture clean, with accessories (pillows/umbrellas etc) and arranged as preferred.
  • Uncover BBQ, Pools, and Spas when applicable. Remove/Hide Toys and sporting equipment